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My refrigerator does not turn on and does not cool

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My refrigerator does not turn on and does not cool if this is what is happening to your device, you are in good hands.

In this article, you will read what the solution is when this problem occurs in your DAEWOO refrigerator.

To repair is your refrigerator problem when it does not turn on and does not cool, you will need to have the following tools in your home.

In reality, they are tools that in every home you have, a screwdriver, some tweezers of tip and cut.

Once you have the tools, what follows is to find the fault for which the refrigerator does not turn on and does not cool.

My refrigerator does not turn on and does not cool, Tests are done in order.
To start discarding items that could be causing the refrigerator to have problems we will check in order.

First the plug and cable

Then the first thing is to check the plug and the cable, for this you just have to plug it into a plug with power and ready.

If you have an orange adapter in your refrigerator like the one in the picture, I recommend you remove it.

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In many cases, this is the only cause that the refrigerator fails or any other device.

My refrigerator does not turn on and does not cool

This type of adapters causes fires when they break down for some reason. So my advice is to NOT use them.

If when you plug your refrigerator into the power outlet and it turns on, the plug and the cable are discarded.

Check the thermostat

Then we will check the thermostat since if it is not working properly it does not allow the cooling and defrosting cycle to be carried out.

DAEWOO Refrigerator Thermostat
To check the thermostat it is necessary to remove it and make a bridge with a screwdriver.

This will help you to know that the thermostat is not failing since when making the bridge with the screwdriver does not turn on the compressor, it does not fail.

How to test a refrigerator thermostat
Check the TIMER

The timer has the function of making the Hitachi Fridge Price in Bangladesh and stops freezing for times.

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To know if this works or not, with the help of the screwdriver you have to turn and if the compressor starts to work when it is operated,

That is indicative that the TIMER is not working.

Refrigerator TIMER
Once the TIMER worked by helping you with the screwdriver, it is important to make a small mark on the TIMER knob and on the side of the box.

In order to see if the TIMER is turning, it must turn a full turn in 8 or 10 hours.

We will leave it in operation for at least two hours.

My refrigerator does not turn on and does not cool

Once the necessary time has passed.
Inside the refrigerator, you will notice if the freezer coil is cooling, this can be seen by removing the lid with the help of the tweezers.


Over time, a layer of frost will form on the coils on all coils.

That will indicate that the compressor works, that the TIMER works and that the fan is working well.

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What to do when the TIMER does not work?
The only solution left is to disassemble it to replace it with a new TIMER.

Remember that to remove this you must disconnect the refrigerator from the power outlet if you avoid accidents


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