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Why Privacy Matters in Small Business – TheOneSpy


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When it comes to privacy of small businesses most of the employers don’t bother at all. On the other hand, the ratio of vulnerabilities attached to the small businesses is on the rise no time ever before. The role of technology in the business firms is at the top and it has made the businesses quite dependent on it. Employers these days equipped their employees with multiple digital devices in terms of mobile phones, gadgets, and PCs meanwhile running with different operating systems. Employees these days have smartphones of Android, iOS and windows, and MAC laptop and desktop devices connected to the internet. In addition, the tech –equipment matters a lot in terms of productivity and business growth. However, technology is also under multiple threats when it comes to business organizations.

Privacy issues and threats online to small businesses

There are a number of privacy issues that lead to loopholes in contemporary small business. Let’s discuss some of the few that are crucial for the privacy and protection of the business.

Lack of investment in cyber security

Hackers are aware of the complacent nature of small businesses when it comes to cyber security. They understand that small businesses invest little-to-no money on improving their internet security situation. Ultimately, it gives an easy opportunity for attackers to exploit

The cyber criminals in terms of hackers are well known for the lack of privacy in small business organizations especially when it comes to security of internet. They know small business usually invest low money and at the end of the day, black hat hackers got plenty of opportunities to exploit the weaknesses such as data theft, scams, phishing activities and plenty of others alike.

Cloud is not safer enough from security flaws

Cloud-based services are not liable enough because it is not safer enough from security flows and company’s owned data always at the stack. Therefore, small business needs to have data back that empowers them to retrieve or remove all the data remotely when needed the most.

Insiders are the common culprits at small business

In the small business organizations disgruntled or dishonest employees usually get involved in the activities that can destroy any business likewise stealing confidential documents or temper it for monetary reasons. Moreover, they leak out the company’s upcoming plans and secrets and sell with the competitors. Therefore, privacy of the small business does matter and employers have to do a little investment to protect the privacy of the business. Moreover, employees who used to waste time at office or do such activities that the business at stake needs to be prevented and today are going to tell you about one and only solution.

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Install TheOneSpy on company’s owned digital devices

Usually, the company’s data stored in the devices of the company provided to the workforce. Simply monitors the devices and get your eyes on all the activities happen on the device. All you need to do is to visit TheOneSpy official website and subscribe for cell phone and computer monitoring app. Once you have the subscription and then you will be able to receive credentials and then get physical access on the particular gadgets and machines. Moreover, you need to get physical access to the targeted devices and get started with the process of installation.

When you have ended up with phone and computer spy app installation process then you need to activate it on the target device. When you have done with the activation then you have passcode and ID that you have got at the time of subscription. Use it and get access to the online control panel and then you are free to choose the cell phone and PC surveillance app features that make can protect your small business privacy and let you know about UN –authorized breach. Let’s discuss all the features of the phone and computer tracking app separately.

Mobile phone spy app for android features

Data back up

Once you have installed the spy app for android powered by TheOneSpy then all the data stored on your targeted device will sync to the web portal. It means once your data have lost or theft online you can simply retrieve the data stored from the online control panel of the cell phone spy software for android.

Live screen recording

The end user can perform live screen recording by making short videos of the screen and can view the videos having access to the dashboard. You can perform live screen recording of chrome, social media apps, emails, SMS, Password chaser and many others alike. Once you have a hidden eye on all the activities happen on the target device then it would be difficult for someone to breach the privacy and even control your device remotely.

Call recording

Employers can record incoming and outgoing calls on the company’s owned android devices and can catch dishonest employees if leaking information of the company.


Employers can update themselves by capturing screenshots of all the activities happen on target devices.

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Email monitoring

Emails scams and attacks are quite common so you can monitor emails of Gmail sent/received on the target mobile phone device running with Android OS.

Windows monitoring app Features

Screen Recording

End user can record activities happen on the screen in real –time. You can make short videos of the screen back to back and get to know what is happening on the screen.

User –friendly reports

End user can get reports regarding activities happen on the target device in terms of logs such as alarms logs, visited apps and websites, sent/received emails and others alike.

Mighty Alarms

You can set alarms on certain activities on which you keep a hidden eye on, in-case a kind of breach might alarms will tell you what is happening. However, you can protect the data stored into the device with data backup tool of windows tracking app.

MAC spy app features

Screen recording

You can record screen activities in real –time and get to know what is happening on the target device screen.

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Keystrokes logging

The end user can get all the keystrokes applied on the target device such as password keystrokes, messenger keystrokes, and email keystrokes.

Website blocking

You can block all the appropriate websites and apps that can create privacy issues on the company-owned devices. All you need to do is to put the URLs of all the websites running on the windows desktops and then paste it into the filters and get a piece of mind.


TheOneSpy is one of the best cell phone and computer monitoring app that empowers the business community to protect the privacy and to detect the loopholes existed at your workplace assigned devices.

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