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Symphony R40 Flash File, Flash Tool and Flashing Guide

Symphony R40 Flash File

On this tuns we share the official symphony R40 flash file download link. The flash file comes in a zip package that include flash file, flash tool, driver and flashing guid. Symphony R40 flash file is released officially and it is tasted by Dhaka Flash and many technician. Following issu solv by flashing to this file :- 1. FRP lock Reset (Google account verification Bypass) 2. Dead boot repair, 3. User lock reset, 4. Lcd fix. Bellow on this tuns you can see the flash file Download Link and Flashing Guide

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Download Symphony R40 Flash File Rom (Firmware)

File-Name :
File-size : 571 MB
Download Link : Click here to Download

How to Flash?

Step 1 : Downoad and extract symphony R40 flash file package, after extracting you will find the flash file, flash tool, usb driver and flashing guide.
step 2 : Open sp flash tool. If you dont have sp flash tool so click here to download sp flash tool for windows computer.
Step 3 : Install usb driver on your computer. If you dont have driver Click Here to download usb driver for computer.
Step 4 : click to scatter loading and select scatter.txt  file from symphony R40 flash file package from your computer.
Step 5 : After loading scatter file just click to download and insert a usb cable. Make sure that your device is swich off.
Step 6 : Wait few minuit untill 100% compleat or green icon show. Setup your device manually and enjoy tutorial.


[*] Backup : Backup your all user data because after flashing all user data will be earased. Never possible to recover data.
[*] About Flash File : This symphony R40 flash file is relesed officially and it is tasted by dhaka flash and many technician.
[*] Damage EMMC : Damage emmc kils the phone. After flahing your device maybe bootlop if your emmc damage.

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