Your Laptop Is Very Slow – Solution For Hanging

Many of us who use Windows 7. 8. 10 have had problems like mine, even if your computer or laptop has RAM 8GB your computer or laptop works poorly.

Today I will teach you how to refresh and fast your computer or laptop TRO. We'll show you five systems for fastening a computer or laptop, and following these 5 systems will allow you to fast-forward your computer.

  •  Type WINDOWS + R Then a new window will appear. You will see a box of "RUN" in that box. You will have to type Temp then press OK. Then delete all the files. Deleting these files will delete many problems from your computer. These files are not useful, so deleting them will not cause any problems with your computer or your drive. 

  • Just type WINDOWS + R and get the RUN box in the new window that appears. Type % Temp% and click OK. Now, select all the files you can see by pressing WINDOWS + A and then clicking on the DELETE button. Then you will see that 2-3 files are not being deleted and again click on the delete button. If you do not delete then skip the mark.

  • Just like before, open a new window by pressing WINDOWS + R and then you will find the RUN box there. The files you use are in the resent folder so deleting them makes your computer or laptop work faster. Deleting your laptop or computer won't do any harm, so you can delete them without fear.


  • Then click on the Windows button and search DISK CLEANUP then open the software. No need to install Windows Seven or 10 on your laptop or computer. When finished, you will see the text. Press OK again and then click on the delete option and you will see your computer or laptop working much faster than before.

If you follow these steps given by me, InshaAllah will work 100% on your computer or laptop as well. If you want to have a video about my channel you can see the video below.

If you have any questions about the computer mobile internet you can do so in the comment box or contact us.

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