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Dam Janun: Compare Price and Quality of Every Online Shop in one Platform

Two decades earlier when we used to go shopping, the shopping trends and techniques were different. That time our mothers use to go buy stuff and to crack the suitable deal they had to run to and fro towards different shops. When it comes to buying electronics or electric products, you can still remember how fathers or any authoritarian of a family had to wait for sale, black Fridays or festivals.

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However, this scenario changed a decade ago and you can see the rise of online shops. online shops in the starting had to fight a lot to gain people’s trust. They hit the exact trigger on how traffic affect people and also saved customers from seller’s manipulation. People now blindly depend on online shops like,,,, and the list will go on.

But do you think from wherever you are buying, you can always grab the best deal? Sometimes yes or may be not sometime. Often there is a difference in prices between shops. Sometimes quality of any product seems different too. So how will you understand that what you are buying is actually beneficial to you? Here starts our work. We are here to provide you all information of different online Shops in one Platform.

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Why will you choose Dam Janun Service?

After going through a long and complex analytical process we have come up with an idea where you can get every information about your desired online shop products. This way you will get to check prices and quality of a specific product. One things needs to be cleared in this respect. We are not here to promote or demote someone’s business. Our work is to guide you to their websites and show you exactly what they are cracking. For any specific product, you can read the reviews and get enough knowledge of any product and use them on your own. You will get to know about their promotional offer, compare them with each other and sometimes get discounts too.

Before you had to look for a specific product in different websites. Either you had enough information or you picked whatever came to your way. Nevertheless, from now makes it easy for you to find about all products. You can research any product price in Bangladesh.

How does Dam Janun work?

Dam Janun works in a pretty easy way. Here we only show the transparency of any online shop. Our work is never to promote the business rather we emphasize more on our customers satisfaction. It is their choice what to pick. Here we show price and quality comparison of online shops. We want our customers to pick up the best product with the lowest price. If you think about the quality then it has to be told we add information about the quality too.

Our job is to provide you the latest information about every online shop. You will be directed to the shops and their deals, from there you can pick the best choice for you. We know price and quality both are the deciding factors when you are buying any product. This is important for both the customer and seller for a growing relationship. We are just a constant who do not change anybody’s opinion rather Dam Janun works as a friend to choose the best product for you.
Damjanun compares product price of online shop in Bangladesh. All brand's latest products are available. Search your desired one, Compare the price in Bangladesh and find the cheapest price.

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