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Which Laptop accessories are needed for gaming?

You have an excellent gaming laptop, but it's probably not complete yet. After installing a number of your favorite titles, you're preparing to leap in, guns blazing. To get the simplest experience, you'll need a sweet gaming headset, a wicked-fast mouse, and a sharp, colorful monitor to place on your desk-plus other goodies sort of a mechanical keyboard and a strong router. Here is our favorite laptop gaming to be used both at home and on the road. 

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Gaming Mouse

One of the most important parts of a gaming laptop, it is the mouse. Wouldn't you want a gaming mouse that is pleasant, lasting and can up your game when playing your favorite online shooter? We've tested a lot of gaming mice all year and chosen our favorite ones. If you built yourself an incredible high-end PC with all the simplest parts you'll find, why not full the package with an awesome gaming mouse rather than some nifty mouse you occupied from your cupboard at work. A few examples include the Logitech G502 Hero, Steel-series Rival 600, Corsair Dark Core RGB SE and more.

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum:

From design and software to performance Proteus Spectrum is the best all purpose gaming mouse on the market. Excellent HERO sensor, wireless upgrade to a venerable favorite and compatible with the Power Play charging mat. Intuitive and comfortable design, big buttons in a smart layout, streamlined software with lots of options, ultrafine weight adjustment Improved scroll wheel and may not suit palm-grip players with big hands.


Gaming Headset

Sound is a crucial part of gaming. It is vital for game enthusiasts to enjoy playing the games. Surely come with a pair of speakers, and they should be enough as they are likely to be of very high quality. 



Peerless High Resolution PC Gaming Headset. Industry-leading hi-res capable speaker drivers, Lightweight aluminum alloy and steel construction, DTS Headphone:X v2.0 surround sound, Clear Cast and  the best mic in gaming. The Arctis Pro headset features premium speaker drivers with high-density neodymium magnets that reproduce Hi-Res audio out to 40, 000 Hz, nearly double what most standard headsets are capable of (22, 000 Hz).


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External Hard Disk Drive

External hard disc drive takes a step as perfect backup storage unthinkable sums of data.  Just as a USB drive, they can be comfortably plugged into your device and you can generate a backup of your whole system, photos, videos, games etc. This accommodates you to free up space on your laptop and start a new one. External Hard Disk Drives also help you in sharing movies, whole discographies of your favorite artists, games and other large files with your friends.



Multipurpose universal battery with AC adapter and up to 100W of power to charge a laptop or plug in other mobile devices.  USB-C pd input/output - charges USB-C laptops, other USB-C devices with up to 30W fast charge speeds and recharges the power station at rapid rates. Additional 2.4a quick-charge USB-A port to connect a 3rd power-hungry Device like a phone or tablet, large tablet 21 hours, usb-c laptop is 15 hours and dslr camera is 8 hours. 22, 000Mah rechargeable universal battery with built in safety Features accurately charges a variety of devices. Finished with a premium Fabric wrap to provide a comfortable feel and added durability to the design.


Gaming Controller

The best controllers for PC are some of the best accessories for PC gaming. As there are many controllers out there to choose from, whatever your budget is and whatever the features you need, you’ll find something out there that suits your play style. To make your search easier, we’ve collected five of our favorite controllers for PC and put them on this list.

microsoft controller

Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller

The gold standard. Comfortable, affordable and not very many features. Xbox controller has been the ruler by which other PC game controllers are measured since the Xbox 360 days, and for good reason. It’s comfortable and weighty with a button layout that feels natural. The most recent version – designed for the Xbox One console iterates on everything that made the last generation’s model so great by adding clicker shoulder bumpers and a vastly improved directional pad.


Gaming Keyboard

Adding an external mechanical gaming keyboard to your laptop can breathe new life into it. Laptop keyboards are often criticized by gamers for not being very accessible and ‘clicky’. Gamer usually crave for mechanical keyboards with customized macro keys, and they wouldn’t say no to some good ol’ RGB lighting as well. Some of the best mechanical gaming keyboards include the Asus ROG Strix Flare, the HyperX Alloy Elite RGB, the Corsair K63 Wireless and many more.

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