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Hi..!!! My name is Md. Farhan Kobir Khan. I am doing B.S.S . I am seeking opportunities to have any contract in Upwork in order to enhance my skills and gather more experience in this field. I can apply my expert skills and knowledge to your company in - Proficient in working with Data entry, Product Sourcing, Web Research, Adobe Photoshop, Logo Designer, Graphic Designer, Database management, google docs, writing, internet marketing, MS Office ( MS- Word, MS- Excel, MS- Power Point & MS- Access). Windows 98. 2000 & All X P. I have successfully completed a number of assignments so far covering a diversified field of client age and subjects. Each assignment gives me an opportunity and chance to share my talents. I'm currently looking for new challenges and opportunities to strengthen my abilities, as well as to gain experience and knowledge. I always pay my best effort to ensure 100% accuracy and try to have a long-term working relationship. My approach is based on hard work and client satisfaction. Thanks for visiting my profile. Regards, Md. Farhan Kobir Khan

From Bangladesh, রাজশাহী, পাবনা

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